More blog platform transition notes

In response to another WordPress blogger trying to get an old flat-file HTML copy of an archved blog online, I suggested this:

Not exactly the solution you want, but you could try this, if you own your own domain:

  • Pay $10 to have redirect your new blog to “” (How-to:
  • Put all your old postings on “” as “” or “”

This assumes you have your own domain ( and server, but you could do it on any server that gives you ftp access.

  1. On your computer, make sure all the links within your old blog pages are “relative” (to pathnames within the blog, not explicit URLs like
  2. Zip up the folder containing all those static pages. (I put mine in a folder called “oldblog”)
  3. FTP the zip file to your server
  4. unzip as
  5. Fix all the public access privileges for those nested folders, pages, images, etc.

Here are my notes on doing that to recover from the demise of my Radio Userland hosting:

And here’s the result:

This blog is currently aliased as — but I may install a copy of WordPress there eventually.

If I do, the process will be relatively easy, judging by these forum posts:

mild-mannered reporter who fell deeper into computers and the Web during three trips through graduate school in the 1980s and 1990s, then began teaching journalism, media studies and Web production, most recently as a faculty member at Radford University.

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