J-Heroes: Not Bogart, but still Deadline USA

This is the 52-minute Hollywood Radio Theater version of the often quoted, but hard to find, newspaper movie, Deadline USA. In the movie version, you had Humphrey Bogart, but Dan Dailey is a strong lead as the crusading editor in this 1953 radio broadcast about a newspaper fighting for its life against both the mob and the paper’s own board of directors.

Click the player below to hear the entire program, stored in archive.org’s collection of old-time radio shows.

(“Hollywood Radio Theater” was Lux Radio Theater minus the soap commercials, for re-broadcast over the Armed Forces Radio Service, which was the source of this set of broadcasts from 1953 stored at Archive.org, including the one my player launches.)

I’m posting this as a test of the audio player, the archive.org hosting site, and to see if WordPress includes the audio link in its RSS feed for this blog — which would make the feed a very low-budget “podcast.” In fact, it does appear to work. I was able to subscribe to this feed in iTunes using the “Subscribe to Podcast” item on its its “Advanced” menu.

I may start a regular “J-Heroes” podcast of old-time radio shows this way, once I check the Archive.org terms-of-service pages to make sure I wouldn’t be breaking any rules there. (If anyone reading this has experience in that area, please drop me a line at stepno.com or add a comment here.)

mild-mannered reporter who fell deeper into computers and the Web during three trips through graduate school in the 1980s and 1990s, then began teaching journalism, media studies and Web production, most recently as a faculty member at Radford University.

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One comment on “J-Heroes: Not Bogart, but still Deadline USA
  1. Bob says:

    Since no one else has broken the news, I will: Because the audio and video “players” on these pages use Flash, they will not work on devices that don’t use Flash, such as the Apple iPad. However, an iPad, iPod or MacBook can subscribe to the podcast feed of this page using iTunes and get the audio files that way. For the videos, you’ll have to go to YouTube.

    However, these items ARE just a test. When I really start a “regularly scheduled” podcast it will be at a new blog http://jheroes.com with its own podcast feed, http://jheroes.com/feed/

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