Media ethics and local news samples for class discussion

For the past year, I’ve been using my Droid phone to add articles and stories to my bookmark lists.

Alas, while a change in ownership has kept alive, it has disabled all of the Droid bookmarking apps that worked with the original service.

This page is my attempt to use the Droid WordPress app as a substitute — pasting somewhat random items here for eventual transfer to my Delicious lists. The links below may or may not be relevant to a class discussion in one or another of my classes, but at least they’re here where I can get at them easily.

First, concerning the UK wiretapping tabloid case mentitoned in both my intro-newswriting and “Portrayal of the Journalist in Popular Culture” classes. The topic is “the procurement of information by illegal means,” and this article from The New Yorker captures the current state-of-the-art, for better or for worse:


from  in The New Yorker

“…you’d almost think he’d been genetically engineered by a celebrity publicist bent on proving to the public, and the authorities, that reporters are amoral dirtbags. ”

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Next, concerning, and hyperlocal or regional news treatments mentioned in class, see

On Twitter, I’ve started a list of New River Valley area journalists, which follows their tweets about local news stories, among other things. I’m surprised when they don’t link through to a full story, or when a local TV station lets what appears to be its main Twitter feed sit unused for a week or more.!/list/bobstep/nrvj


These are older stories that I may have mentioned in class before Thanksgiving.

“Frost is winter’s curtain- raiser, ushering out autumn’s last act, slaying the remnants of summer. Goodbye, geraniums. Adiós, impatiens. Bon voyage, begonias.
“Only the warm embrace of ocean and bay has spared our landscape this long. Just west of here, frost has already made the growing season a memory, its bouquet withered to mush by frigid fingers that reach deep inside tender plants and rupture their cells.”

Fire at poultry house kills at least 10,000 turkeys

Associated Press:November 13, 2011 SWOOPE, Va. Authorities are investigating a fire at a poultry house near the Shenandoah Valley town of Swoope that killed at least 10,000 turkeys. The fire occurred Tuesday night at Hilltop View Farm.

Once a tree, now firewood in Roanoke giveaway

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