Happy New Year 2012

Enough of this 1930s and 1940s nostalgia… Here’s something that’s “only” 30 years old, The Roches getting a handle on a seasonal standard. Very, very hard to believe that was so many years ago. But remembering it was enough to get me to visit http://www.roches.com/ to see what the Roches are up to these days.

Now, back to the ’40s…

I haven’t had a lot of luck finding journalism plots that take place on New Year’s Eve for use in my JHeroes podcast, so I’m giving in to late-night nostalgia and posting another piece of the past here: Lux Radio Theater’s production of After the Thin Man, from 1940. No journalism plot… just a classic mystery with a touch of humor and romance.

As much as I like old radio shows, the medium doesn’t do justice to Asta…

Since the movie trailer is on YouTube, I’m including it too.

mild-mannered reporter who sank into computers and the Web during graduate school in the 1980s and '90s, then taught journalism, media studies and Web production, retiring to write and play more music.

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