Student magazine online showcase

An email discussion this week by members of the Magazine Division of the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication turned up lots of references to student-produced online magazines.

I’ve taken links from that conversation and added others to share with students, either as examples of online publishing, Web design, journalism, or just for fun. The order is mostly random.

IEIMedia study abroad projects





The Burr

Some of these are online-only ‘zines, while others are the Web editions of print publications.  I’ve added links to other publications that have won SPJ Mark of Excellence awards over the years, or wound up in my bookmark lists for various reasons. Some are class products of formal “magazine journalism” programs; others are student organizations.

Thanks to David Sumner of Ball State for consolidating some of the links from the email discussion in one message. (His students’ award-winning publication is second on the list.)

The first on my version of the list is RUWhim, here at Radford University. I’m not officially involved with it, but couple of years ago I tracked down its archived editions going back to 1997.

The rest of the list is in no particular order, and I haven’t added any explanatory comments — the better for browsing and random discovery. I may add a few publications to it when I have time later in the semester.

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The AEJMC Magazine Division also gives annual awards. A list of recent winners is online as a PDF file, but without links to Web editions.

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