Info overload: Web journalism tools and events

I’ve been spending more time in Twitter — and reading Web pages linked to it — than I have in my blog lately, but even among my own students I think Twitter and this blog are reaching slightly different audiences.

So, for the information starved — or information-overload-starved — here is an aggregation of major things that have been distracting me in tweetland for the past few days.

Most of them were mentioned by participants in the Online News Association meeting in San Francisco and/or the Society of Professional Journalists “Excellence in Journalism” conference in Florida. For a hint of how much tweeting has been going on, see this SPJ Storify Page of EIJ12 tweets and the ONA tweets list of ONA12 Awards.

Next, a PBS video, parts of which sound like things I’ve been saying in my intro Web production class this semester. It’s here so that I can play it in class if I need to catch my breath.

It’s being discussed at lots of blogs, and the discussion comments may be informative. I’ll keep the URLs visible so that you can see where they are coming from:

Two tools or topics that I really do want to catch up with, because they may help journalists (or journalism consumers) keep on top of a firehose of news information. “Spunge” discussion at one or both conferences reminded me that I’ve lost track of something with a similar goal, Dave Winer’s OPML editor and River of News project.

The other links below will have to stand for themselves with very little introduction… while I go look for the bottle of eyedrops and a 10-page to-do list hidden somewhere in the rubble here at home.


Dave Winer’s OPML Editor, News Rivers and Outline Comments:
(Dave mentioned in Twitter that it only would take 10 minutes to give the new tool a try. He was right. Very neat outline commenting; will have to see how it couples with news-rivering.)

Social Media tips from Liz Heron (WSJ, formerly with NYT, ABC, Washington Post):

Internet energy explored by the NYTimes:

How to be a journalism student — a wiki:

The bad news: Gallup reports distrust in media

Closer to home, a documentary film maker will be in town talking about her latest in a free event at Blacksburg’s Lyric Theatre:

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