Breakfast out…

My favorite local place for breakfast closed a few months ago… And it’s probably my fault for only going there when I had visiting friends, and just not having that many visiting friends.

But a former student of mine posted a Facebook rave review for a new breakfast place on the other side of town, which got me feeling very nostalgic for places I miss, in places I have lived over the years…

Glad to see these are still going. In keeping with my attempt to put interesting stuff out here on the open web, not just in Facebook:

I never seem to get to Floyd before noon, but if I did I would stop by the Blue Ridge Cafe… More often, I wind up having a breakfast-like slice of quiche for lunch at the Floyd Country Store.

mild-mannered reporter who sank into computers and the Web during graduate school in the 1980s and '90s, then taught journalism, media studies and Web production, retiring to write and play more music.

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