Could be ADHD… or something…

Immediate right now to do list for use when all else fails…

Put down the the smartphone that that you are are you are using using to right write write this list with an echoey voice to text app … Don’t even edit this item.

Empty the dishwasher
Put the dishes that are piled up in the sink into the dishwasher

Rinse out the empty plastic containers in the other half of the sink and put them in the recycling bin or in the trash, according to the little triangular recycling numbers, which are probably a fraud anyway.

Search the pile of papers on the kitchen table for unpaid bills and pay them
Search the house for the postage stamps. They are probably in your briefcase since you were going to take the last batch of “unopened mail that might include unpaid bills” to the library and sort through them there just to get away from the Clutter. Was that really two months ago? Uh-oh.

Remove, but do not open, the two books that are on top of everything in the briefcase from your last visit to the library. At least move them to the “to read” shelf of the bookcase, next to the big box of “books I thought I would read, but I guess not,” and the to read Shelf has been spilling onto the floor for the past year or two.

Yes, there are about sixty books on the “to read shelf”, not counting the ones that are on the Kindle. But do not stop to count them. That would be more OCD than ADHD.

Move the 10 musical instruments and 12 music books off the living room furniture. (Do not stop to practice the fiddle even though you haven’t touched it in several days.)

Move the living room furniture out of the way of the living room windows so the  window installation contractors can get at them.
Call the contractor and see if they know when that will be!

Take a shower.
Cook the salmon steak you bought two days ago before it turns into a science project.
Put on pants before cooking the salmon.

Do not go write a new article for — even though something just reminded you that you have two draft article ideas almost ready to go. Instead, respond verbosely to a Facebook post about doctoral dissertations and post this embarrassing list to your other blog.

Make a new to-do list….

1. Take a shower…

mild-mannered reporter who found computers & the Web in grad school in the 1980s (Wesleyan) and '90s (UNC); taught journalism, media studies, Web production; retired to write, make music, photograph sunsets & walks in the woods.

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