Rushkoff, Doctorow, Civilization, finding lights in the darkness

It’s Christmas Eve. I’m listening to a Team Human podcast episode from a month ago (again) in which Cory Doctorow demonstrates why host Douglas Rushkoff calls him “my smartest friend.” Technology, culture, business and economics have never been as entertaining. How *do* they think so clearly and talk so fast?

Here it is:

The episode starts with Rushkoff’s monologue about Elon Musk’s early wrong steps at Twitter.  His conversation with Doctorow starts with Taylor Swift doing good for other recording artists, meanders through financial-industry mindsets, programmers with good intentions, and people on the right and left flirting with mystical eschatology and civilization’s collapse. They still seem so cheerful! To see if I can understand why, I’ll have to listen two or three times.

Doctorow is most recently co-author of “Chokepoint Capitalism”; Rushkoff of “Survival of the Richest.” Maybe I’ll read them both in the new year.

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