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Newspapermen meet such interesting people

… especially other newspaper folks. Oh, that Thompson! … I never thought I’d actually know someone who was a character in a “Peanuts” book alongside Charlie Brown and Snoopy! But Doug Thompson of Floyd, Virginia, tells that story, and several

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Spring on the Blue Ridge

I made it to both the Rocky Knob and Smart View picnic areas on the Blue Ridge Parkway last weekend, just down the road from my favorite place to play music in Floyd, Virginia. Friends on Facebook have said very

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Another view of Floyd, Va.

I often leave the Floyd, Virginia, Sunday afternoon fiddles-and-banjos jam session and drive south to the Blue Ridge Parkway’s hiking trails to walk and take some photos. This weekend, I decided to stay in town and headed up and down

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Blue Ridge Entropy

That class I never took on “Entropy in Roosevelt-era National Park Service infrastructure”… just some random photographs from a January walk through the Rocky Knob picnic area hiking trails on the Blue Ridge Parkway, Floyd, Va. The picnic area roadway

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The Weather

The joys of the “heat pump” in a cold snap… AccuWeather says lunch time temperature is 12° outside, after dropping to zero overnight. Thermostat set at 63 Living room thermometer reads 57(Dressing in layers.) Adding a third humidifier has brought

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Rushkoff, Doctorow, Civilization, finding lights in the darkness

It’s Christmas Eve. I’m listening to a Team Human podcast episode from a month ago (again) in which Cory Doctorow demonstrates why host Douglas Rushkoff calls him “my smartest friend.” Technology, culture, business and economics have never been as entertaining.

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17th Century Pamphlets as Social Media

The Atlantic has just alerted me that the leaders of Twitter and Facebook should know more about the history of pamphlet publishing in the 1600s: “The extraordinary ignorance on questions of society and history displayed by the men and women

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More social media? Is Mastodon a more-social medium?

Yes, I’ve joined my [INSERT NUMBER HERE]th online network of human beings. This one has inspired waves of hope and nostalgia. Unlike Facebook or Twitter and several others I’ve used in the past, “Mastodon” is not owned by a media

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Team Human? More podcasts? TikTok!?

Listening to Douglas Rushkoff, who is listening… A recent addition between his usual “Interviewing an author, artist or activist” episodes, these “Kibbitz” ones are less overwhelming. Like call-in-radio for people who have read his books and Medium articles, stumbled onto

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College news sites recover from COVID, or not

I’m emerging from my guilt complex about not using this blog very often, or just using it as a photo album or diary unrelated to the “Other Journalism” title I gave it 20 years ago. Here’s an actual journalism question

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