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Yankee presses stop as pigs fly and YouTube shows the past of new media

I’ve been putting some fun things on the AEJMC Newspaper Division blog: Guardian unleashes pigs to explain social-networked news media, with hooks from Twitter tipsters and a wolf with asthma to a ton of huffing. Back before the new media

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New tools and new tools

Nice article, if the link works… New Tools for Today’s Investigative Journalist I may have chopped off a few characters at the end or the address while fumbling with another “new tool” — not one mentioned in the article. My

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Times Droid update better; still no cigar

The latest update of The New York Times Droid app shows some improvements, but I still prefer reading the Times mobile Web site with the phone’s browser. The good news: For those of us with aging eyes and smaller Android

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Considering the future of the Mag-App-Book

Khoi Vinh (, former design director at  The New York Times, offered some design-inspired thoughts the other day on “why most of the current crop of iPad magazine apps have dim prospects for long-term success,” which has prompted dozens of

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Smartphone apps, dumb advertising

I just installed the new TIME Mobile for Android application and the first thing I noticed was a totally wrong advertisement. That reminded me: The first thing I saw when I loaded The New York Times Android app a couple

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iPad rhymes with ‘ad’; Droid ‘app’ rhymes with ‘usability gap’

An AP story in Editor & Publisher says advertising in newspapers’ iPad apps is doing better for publishers than website ads. Does that also extend to iPhone and Android phone app ads? After a month with a Droid phone I’m

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Tell Clyde I’m on the road to Floyd with a Droid

It was a tough decision, but having an excuse to write that headline made it all worthwhile. My first “smartphone” was a Handspring Treo 180, almost 10 years ago. When I moved to Knoxville a few years later, the lack

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Future of the book, pad, tablet, literature etc.

Wired has  Steven Levy and a baker’s dozen authors, publishers and spirit-channels (how else to include McLuhan?) reacting to the Apple  iPad’s arrival this month: “How the tablet will change the world.” Over at, Bob Stein adds to what

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The Wired Tablet App

Wired and other CondeNast magazines are headed for the iPad. Here’s a video intro. more about “The Wired Tablet App “, posted with vodpod As a subscriber to Wired from Vol.1 No.1, this new iPadded edition reminded me of the

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Apple iPad vs. TRS80 Model 100

The forthcoming Apple iPad will have a folding case/stand available (price not announced), visible in several configurations if you scroll down the technical specs page. When closed, the case looks like a fancy leather cover for a legal pad. Open,

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