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Happy Birthday, World Wide Web Tim Berners-Lee’s “20 years ago this month” article for the December issue of Scientific American is a great issue-oriented summary of Web history  — and a plea for online entrepreneurs to adopt policies of openness rather than creating “closed

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Considering the future of the Mag-App-Book

Khoi Vinh (, former design director at  The New York Times, offered some design-inspired thoughts the other day on “why most of the current crop of iPad magazine apps have dim prospects for long-term success,” which has prompted dozens of

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Celebrating first “summer of code,” Web launchings, 15 and 20 years ago

A few months more than 20 years ago, the pleasure boating monthly Soundings published an article headlined “Computers link boaters oceans apart,” probably the first time I managed to get something about the Internet into good-old-fashioned print.  The piece actually

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WRAL among EPpy winners

The list of 2010 Editor and Publisher EPpy award winners is a long one, but it’s great to see in Raleigh, N.C., among them. The citation is for “Best Local TV/Cable-Affiliated Website.” We have some history, starting back in

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So many interesting sites and places shouting “look at me,” so little time

With nearly 70 website categories (from “activism” to “weird” and “youth”) and 17 advertising categories, the Webby Awards give themselves so much room for collaborative-self-promotion that I hate to encourage the annual excuse for a big party I don’t have

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Internet advertisers & consumer groups eye Boucher bill

Our local 9th district congressman, Rep. Rick Boucher, appears on the techie blogs and news sites today with his draft of privacy legislation for online ad networks. I suspect this is somehow related to the data-sharing that lets Facebook keep

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Tell Clyde I’m on the road to Floyd with a Droid

It was a tough decision, but having an excuse to write that headline made it all worthwhile. My first “smartphone” was a Handspring Treo 180, almost 10 years ago. When I moved to Knoxville a few years later, the lack

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Future of the book, pad, tablet, literature etc.

Wired has  Steven Levy and a baker’s dozen authors, publishers and spirit-channels (how else to include McLuhan?) reacting to the Apple  iPad’s arrival this month: “How the tablet will change the world.” Over at, Bob Stein adds to what

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RSS widgets for republishing

For my intro to Web Production students to ponder over spring break, here’s a demo site that uses RSS plug-ins, content management software widgets, and related aggregation services to consolidate blog postings, social bookmarks and even a Twitter account… bobwebs

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Searching the Lost Archives of Whim

That may sound like the title of some Indiana Jones flick or sword-and-sorcery novel, but it’s really how I spent an entertaining — if a bit obsessive-compulsive — hour this morning. I’ve written it up in some detail for possible

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