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Old-media convergence in Scandal Sheet

(The “Scandal Sheet” title sequence at YouTube has classic shots of 1950s presses rolling.) For a bit of summer nostalgia, I’m updating a journalism education website for my 11th year as editor… and re-watching the 1952 movie Scandal Sheet to

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Full frontal nudity in a journalism faculty discussion

That’s what you might call a misleading sensational headline, but you are still reading. The topic is a serious one: A North Carolina university’s dismissal of its student newspaper adviser over a story that might otherwise just sound like 1970s

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AEJMC conferencing via blog and tweet

While some ear troubles made me sensitive about flying to St. Louis, I still “made it to…” the AEJMC journalism educators’ conference there this past week by hanging out with my laptop and phone tuned to a Twitter “hashtag” of

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Telecommuting from the Blueridge to the Rockies

I couldn’t go to the AEJMC convention in Denver this week, but I feel like I’m halfway there, following Twitter feeds and other online activities… I’ve been updating the Newspaper Division’s blog with whatever I find online that might interest

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Celebrating first “summer of code,” Web launchings, 15 and 20 years ago

A few months more than 20 years ago, the pleasure boating monthly Soundings published an article headlined “Computers link boaters oceans apart,” probably the first time I managed to get something about the Internet into good-old-fashioned print.  The piece actually

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So what’s ‘a newspaper’?

Update: Remembering when an attempt to give away New York Times failed. See end. Does “a newspaper” now mean any page of glowing bits that has frequently changed information organized into sections, with headlines and short summaries linked to more

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J-School Introspection for Thanksgiving Break

The Chronicle of Higher Education’s Chronicle Review has enough discussion of the role of universities in the future of journalism to cover the Thanksgiving table… or many of the hours during the holiday school break, for those of us who

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New Blog for AEJMC Newspaper Division

After a half-dozen years struggling to find time to keep the AEJMC Newspaper Division’s Web pages up to date, I’ve added a WordPress blog and — more importantly — a co-editor to help. The blog is: The home page

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