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Newspaper movies to be thankful for…

… or not. Some of the movies I’ve linked to here are decidedly not “Citizen Kane” or “All the President’s Men.” But students in my “Portrayal of the Journalist in Film, Fiction & Popular Culture” class may be happy to

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Yankee presses stop as pigs fly and YouTube shows the past of new media

I’ve been putting some fun things on the AEJMC Newspaper Division blog: Guardian unleashes pigs to explain social-networked news media, with hooks from Twitter tipsters and a wolf with asthma to a ton of huffing. Back before the new media

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Google as transcription Ace in the Hole? First try finds buddhism, pot, KGB

I’ll teach a class about movie portrayals of journalists this fall, so I’ve been exploring video clip resources at YouTube. I’m also teaching a Web production class, where I talk about screen-capturing and multimedia plug-ins from the likes of YouTube,

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Behind the Microphone has had copies of this film at various resolutions for years, but I just noticed that it’s now at YouTube too, which means I can embed it here for easy reference. Titled “Back of the Mike,” this nine-minute 1938

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J-Heroes: “Not THE Flash Casey!”

Like his first boss, a crusty editor whose quote in the headline above ends “Not THE Flash Casey!… Never heard of you,” you should get to know Flash Casey, radio’s best news photographer. For a dozen years on radio, plus

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J-Heroes: Not Bogart, but still Deadline USA

This is the 52-minute Hollywood Radio Theater version of the often quoted, but hard to find, newspaper movie, Deadline USA. In the movie version, you had Humphrey Bogart, but Dan Dailey is a strong lead as the crusading editor in

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J-Heroes: Sing a song of freedom of the press?

August 2013 update: Alas, the video clip that began this page in 2010 has been taken off of YouTube because it was uploaded without the copyright holders’ permission… It was of “Sing Out,” a song about freedom of the press,

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Telling a story in voices

A “newspaper” guy by journalistic background, Tim Thornton does a nice radio  job of blending interviews to create this two-minute profile of a retiring  Radford University professor: RU’s founding Appalachian studies director retires « I’m saving that link here for

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So many interesting sites and places shouting “look at me,” so little time

With nearly 70 website categories (from “activism” to “weird” and “youth”) and 17 advertising categories, the Webby Awards give themselves so much room for collaborative-self-promotion that I hate to encourage the annual excuse for a big party I don’t have

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Future of the book, pad, tablet, literature etc.

Wired has  Steven Levy and a baker’s dozen authors, publishers and spirit-channels (how else to include McLuhan?) reacting to the Apple  iPad’s arrival this month: “How the tablet will change the world.” Over at, Bob Stein adds to what

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