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What newspapers used to be

Updating an old link before sending it to a friend, I discovered that this clip from the movie “Deadline U.S.A.” is still on YouTube, about 10 years after I last showed it in a journalism class. Editor Bogart, at the

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Appalachia — a view from NPR

Anybody else catch the bits and pieces of “A view from Appalachia” on NPR Morning Edition today? I wasn’t up early enough for the 7:15 live Facebook chat, but will post a link to the replay. Steve Inskeep co-anchored

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Thinking about the future of news, with or without newspapers

Darn… Cyber scholar and new media thinker Clay Shirky was almost in town today and I missed him… When someone who was there posts a report, I’ll link to it here. Until then, I’ll let this ramble from link to link.

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Words and ways to tell a story

Libya’s Battle-Tested Women Hope Gains Last Am I the only one annoyed by that headline’s use of words that can be read as different parts of speech? I think I’ve just been staring at it too long. The whole is

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Grammar News, Good & Bad, at The New York Times

I just stumbled on what looked like  a useful resource page at The New York Times, the “Times Topic” page headed, Grammar News. Unfortunately, it seem the Times‘ attention to detail doesn’t extend to riding herd on the links on

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Smartphone apps, dumb advertising

I just installed the new TIME Mobile for Android application and the first thing I noticed was a totally wrong advertisement. That reminded me: The first thing I saw when I loaded The New York Times Android app a couple

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WRAL among EPpy winners

The list of 2010 Editor and Publisher EPpy award winners is a long one, but it’s great to see in Raleigh, N.C., among them. The citation is for “Best Local TV/Cable-Affiliated Website.” We have some history, starting back in

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The Future Journalist: Thoughts from Columbians

Under the heading The Future Journalist: Thoughts from Two Generations, Columbia Journalism School professor Sree Sreenivasan and student Vadim Lavrusik have recorded and posted a conversation at the Mashable group blog. I’m hoping it will reassure my students that their

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Hello world!

Yes, another “Hello world!” page… I’ve used Word Press on several other sites, but now that offers free blogs, I’m setting this up as a demo for students. My own blogging is generally at or, also known

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