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Six brief news writing tips — or are they?

Every semester I tell students in the introductory news writing class that the basics of writing in a news style will be useful in other types of writing. Take this list, for example: Keep it brief. Be concise, simple and

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New tools and new tools

Nice article, if the link works… New Tools for Today’s Investigative Journalist I may have chopped off a few characters at the end or the address while fumbling with another “new tool” — not one mentioned in the article. My

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Times Droid update better; still no cigar

The latest update of The New York Times Droid app shows some improvements, but I still prefer reading the Times mobile Web site with the phone’s browser. The good news: For those of us with aging eyes and smaller Android

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Grammar News, Good & Bad, at The New York Times

I just stumbled on what looked like  a useful resource page at The New York Times, the “Times Topic” page headed, Grammar News. Unfortunately, it seem the Times‘ attention to detail doesn’t extend to riding herd on the links on

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Smartphone apps, dumb advertising

I just installed the new TIME Mobile for Android application and the first thing I noticed was a totally wrong advertisement. That reminded me: The first thing I saw when I loaded The New York Times Android app a couple

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