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Klondike weather? Timely 100-year-old poetry


With the thermometer hitting record single digits here in Southwest Virginia, the weatherman threatening negative double-digits overnight, and a Facebook conversation getting me thinking of Robert W. Service, I went looking for my old LP  of Debby McClatchy singing a

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Newspaper movies to be thankful for…

… or not. Some of the movies I’ve linked to here are decidedly not “Citizen Kane” or “All the President’s Men.” But students in my “Portrayal of the Journalist in Film, Fiction & Popular Culture” class may be happy to

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WordPress YouTube ad surprise has made it very easy to post YouTube videos, a feature I’ve used a lot. (See the Video and WP Tips menu items above.) However, I’ve just discovered that, is also embedding YouTube video ads in my pages.

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Sometimes you can’t get the story out

I stumbled on this interview while tracking down a YouTube video to explain ocular migraines to a friend. I’m lucky — the migraines I get are the “ocular” variety, only visual-effect symptoms with some minor numbness and verbal confusion, and

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  • RT @DavidCayJ: Lovely Warren, the mayor of Rochester, put this sign in front of Susan B Anthony's headstone. 👌🏽 1 day ago
  • RT @dweinberger: "It's not technically treason" is a little too low a bar for a presidential candidate, don't you think? #TrumpTreason 3 days ago
  • RT @DavidCayJ: Ask the televangelists praising Trump if they plan to read my book to learn what he really thinks of Christians. https://t.c… 3 days ago
  • RT @xeni: HERE IS HOW BAD TRUMP IS. He's got me totally jazzed about voting for Hillary Clinton. My politics are further left than Sanders.… 4 days ago
  • RT @sivavaid: Keep hearing Kaine is "safe" and "not courageous." Here in Virginia he won statewide opposing the NRA, coal, and the death pe… 1 week ago

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