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I do not host or maintain any of these online films myself; these pages just link to publicly available trailers, clips and full-length films at YouTube and Vimeo. If full-length films are posted without authorization, the links will be disabled after the service determines there is a problem.

Adventure in Manhattan (1936)

Trenchcoat-wearing Joel McCrea, better known as the crime reporter sent abroad as Hitchcock’s “Foreign Correspondent” (1940), stars here as (surprise) a crime reporter — with Jean Arthur, better known as the reporter in “Mr. Deeds Goes to Town” (also 1936!) and the congressional aide and reporter’s friend in “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington” (1939).

Women are Trouble (1936)

From the “Casey, Crime Photographer” stories of George Harmon Coxe. In “Here’s Flash Casey” (1938) we see a different actor as the feisty young photographer get his job.
Paradoxically, in this earlier film an older Casey is already an established reporter, not a photographer, but there’s a good “young woman reporter (with camera) gets scoops & job” subplot — and a threat of an “Editor and reporter die in love pact” headline.

The Bulldog Edition (1936)

Go Get ’em Haynes (1936)

Theodora Goes Wild (1936 Trailer)

Murder with Pictures (1936)

Next Time We Love (1936 – Scene)

Smart Blonde (1936, clip)

Glenda Farrell shows how to board a moving train — in pursuit of an interview as reporter Torchy Blane. This is the first of a series of nine full-length film adventures, now available as a DVD set. See reviews by John Beifuss in the Memphis Commercial Appeal and Dave Kehr in The New York Times. (Also see clips from 1938’s “Torchy Blane in Panama” and 1939’s “Torchy in Chinatown” on my later-1930s page.)

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