1930-35 JournoFilms

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I do not host or maintain any of these online films myself; these pages just link to publicly available trailers, clips and full-length films at YouTube and Vimeo. If full-length films are posted without authorization, the links will be disabled after the service determines there is a problem.

The Front Page (1931)

Five Star Final (1931 trailer)

Blessed Event (1932 trailer & preview)

Lee Tracy, the original Hildy Johnson on Broadway, plays a scrappy, manipulative Winchell-inspired gossip columnist. (With Dick Powell as radio star in a feud similar to Winchell’s with Ben Bernie; see “Wake Up & Live.”)

Dr. X (1932 trailer)

Lee Tracy again, as a reporter investigating mysterious deaths in this horror/comedy classic. He ducks into a house of prostitution to borrow the phone, impersonates a corpse to get “undercover” information at the moegue, romances the same actress that King Kong had a crush on (Fay Wray), and otherwise proves a model of modern journalism technique, Hollywood style.

Mystery of the Wax Museum (1933 trailer)

Glenda Farrell is a reporter, and we meet her just as she’s being fired, “unless you get a story for the next edition.” She does — a corpse stolen from the morgue in the middle of a murder investigation. And her editor looks like one of the guys from the newsroom in Front Page. But Glenda also had plenty of stories ahead, with the “Torchy Blaine” series a few years in her future. Heroine Fay Wray had her last encounter with a newsman in “Doctor X.”

I Cover the Waterfront (1933)

Ethics: Can he have the girl and the story too?

A Shriek in the Night (1933)

Bombshell (1933, clip)

Lee Tracy one more time, follows the evolution of a newspaper career, playing a press agent.

It Happened One Night (1934, trailer)

Clark Gable, fired by his paper, takes off after a runaway heiress, who might turn into a story or a romance. Journalism ethics lessons? (The full-length film also has been on YouTube, but may disappear as a copyright violation.)

Front Page Woman (1935, trailer)

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