Old News & Archives

This page is an archive of links to blog entries, aggregation pages and things I’ve written about newspapers and journalism on my previous blogs.

It’s titled “Old News” because something like “The Future of Journalism, With or Without Newspapers” wouldn’t fit on the menu. The image at the right represents very old news — the first continuously published newspaper in America.

But here’s a more significant text: A turn-of-the-twentieth-century journalist’s appraisal of things the newspaper does for us, modeled very loosely on the church’s list of “works of mercy,” Mr. Dooley on Newspaper Publicity. Dooley’s creator, Finley Peter Dunne, probably loved newspapers, but he was willing to satirize the public’s over-estimation of them — or their publishers’ egos and hubris. That was more than  100 years ago.

I also discuss newspaper history issues at my other blog (and maybe book-in-progress) called JHeroes.com or “Newspaper Heroes on the Air,” which is about the portrayal of journalists in radio dramatic series. Some of those series created romantic-hero reporters, super-her0 reporters, or amusingly human reporters. Others dramatized the lives of real-life journalists, from Horace Greeley and Nellie Bly to the publishers of the Martha’s Vineyard Gazette in the 1940s. Give a look — and listen, since every entry includes at least one playable radio show from the past.

Articles from my older blogs:

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