Internet advertisers & consumer groups eye Boucher bill

Our local 9th district congressman, Rep. Rick Boucher, appears on the techie blogs and news sites today with his draft of privacy legislation for online ad networks.

I suspect this is somehow related to the data-sharing that lets Facebook keep sending me all those “date hot grannies in [your county’s name here]” ads.

Organizations like the Center for Digital Democracy and Consumer Watchdog are using terms like “industry-friendly” to describe the draft legislation.

Boucher’s press release says the discussion draft “confers privacy rights on Internet users.” See that address for an executive summary and the 27-page bill as a PDF.


The more digital ink Boucher gets over this, the more my students (and maybe some geeks from farther away) will be asking themselves, “What’s a mild-mannered politician from the hills of western Virginia doing poking around the Internet?”

For those uninformed folks, here are a few bytes of history: Boucher helped invent the commercial Internet; WPost profile; techpresident discussion.

mild-mannered reporter who fell deeper into computers and the Web during three trips through graduate school in the 1980s and 1990s, then began teaching journalism, media studies and Web production, most recently as a faculty member at Radford University.

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